Bluebird Feeders

Bluebirds don't feed at regular bird feeders. They don't eat wild bird seed - they eat insects and fruit. People usually have difficulty finding places to buy bluebird feeders.

Bluebird feeder

Our Eastern Bluebird Rescue bluebird feeders are specially designed. They are crafted from top-grade cypress lumber and will last for many years. The bluebirds' favorite winter food is mealworms, but they also like dogwood berries, raisins, dried fruit, cut up small pieces of fresh fruit as well as store bought bluebird diet blocks. We no longer sell mealworms, but we have found that Nature's Way is a reliable place to order live meal worms. Mealworms may be kept in the refrigerator for up to 6 months.

When you put one of our bluebird feeders in your yard, it may take some time for the bluebirds to find the food inside, but when they do find it, it will go fast. Be sure to keep a good amount in the feeder.

$50 + shipping
(pole not included)