World's Best Bluebird Houses
"Certified by Bluebirds"

Over 391,000 built since 1989!

Our bluebird houses are constructed by volunteer craftsmen at our factory in Warrenton, North Carolina. Through many years of constant field research we have developed what we believe to be the world's best bluebird house. We have studied many types of bird houses and have combined the best qualities of each into our houses. They are constructed mostly from western cedar or heart pine. They will last for many years. These homes feature a predator door guard, hinged door, and grooves to help the chicks emerge when the time comes.

We make the houses available to groups or individuals for just $31.95 each (which includes shipping). If you are able to pick them up at our factory in Warrenton, North Carolina, the cost is only $12 each. Some non-profit organizations resell them at a small mark-up to raise funds.

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building bluebird houses building bluebird houses

$31.95 each
which includes the shipping cost
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