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Bluebird Valley

I awoke one night from a restless sleep
And standing there beside my bed
Was the vision of an angel with golden hair
Who looked at me and smiled and said

ďYour life has not been perfect, my friend.
Youíve made mistakes and committed sins
But I know youíve asked to be forgiven
And thatís where the Good Lordís love comes in.

The good things youíve done in life
Out weigh the bad, the sins, and all the rest
And Iíve been sent down here from Heaven
To tell you that you will be blessed.

One of the good things that you have done
Just happened to catch the Good Lordís eye
And that will be your one salvation
When the time comes for you to die.

Of all Godís many wondrous creatures
He loves the little bluebirds best
And the work that you have done for them
Has helped you pass lifeís greatest test.

Tell your friends who come to help you
They will receive Godís blessings, too.
When you all were looking out for His bluebirds
God was looking out for you.

Godís made a special place for you.
Itís as pretty as it can be.
A big green valley with sky so blue
And a bluebird sitting in every tree.

All your animals will be there waiting
The bobcats, deer, wolf, and bear
And when itís time for you to go
Iíll come back and take you there.

Tell those you love that when youíve gone
Thereíll be no need for them to grieve
For youíll be happy in Bluebird Valley
And thatís one thing they can believe.Ē

I drifted into peaceful sleep
And later on, when came the dawn
I awoke and looked around the room
But back to Heaven the angel had gone.

And now I know that beautiful valley
Is up there somewhere waiting for me.
Itís Godís promise from the angel
When Iíve gone, thatís where Iíll be.

by Frank Newell